She grabbed the mention away from the things i consider is a bumblebee pillowpet

She grabbed the mention away from the things i consider is a bumblebee pillowpet

7:07 Bobby states he will bed and you may says to Katelyn “everyone loves your”. Katelyn says they right back. They would’ve been with us 8:29 PM according to chat record timestamps

7:46 country singer james (James Langan) Discover And additionally (just be sure to end up being signed to your to access pages) claims the guy sings specific Weapons Letter Flowers and you can Katelyn claims she listens in it. She reads suicide note out of ) so you can by herself. keeps.wilted)

an email to “Ben” (Drowned) out-of creepypasta. reveals get across and you may easily claims exactly what she composed lower than after that it suggests time clock drawing which have Twenty one Pilots – Tense lyrics

“So why do i dislike my entire life?” “Once the i recently. i simply perform. I am not sure. I recently. i do not think its great. It’s banged up, we fucked right up somewhere in living. I fucked right up.”

States their instagram is actually dolly_is_treasured (later on changed to roses

she looks like she just adopted hit because of the something regarding arm, appears like people might have told you “ho” in another place however, which might be anything i misheard. Katelyn appears upwards within doorway again and you will says, “that was. nice”. It’s difficult to inform what’s happening but it is such as for instance some body within the the latest trailer, going by this lady place, performed anything disrespectful possibly. Maybe among the woman siblings put some thing brief during the her, like AJ do which have BBs when you look at the a beneficial . It will not seem to be one of this lady sisters once the they’ve been usually loud after they do things this way.

Bobby try kidding with Katelyn up to 11mins towards films. Katelyn is apparently from inside the good feeling. Discusses God. vocal B-MIKE – baby cannot clipped

When you look at the cooking area, Tammy wants Katelyn to inform Bobby regarding their alien (light/ufo). They remain the brand new convo and you will Katelyn states she watched a mysterious light (ufo) on heavens or something like that. Undecided when you to definitely would’ve become however it could’ve become type of the latest (towards the videos) given the enthusiasm over it. Perhaps from inside the but that is simply an extremely crude imagine and i am most likely wrong concerning the month..

Bobby states “Your seen aliens?” Tammy informs this lady to inform Bobby what she watched. Katelyn states, “We watched a white. To be honest, i thought which they was. ” Up coming Tammy says something similar to “ing immediately after the woman.

Tammy (i believe) states some thing throughout the AJ seeking to cut the girl case that have an excellent butter blade. It generated her bleed.

This is exactly why you can find Winnie the fresh new Pooh characters taken towards wall space

around Katelyn’s speaking of brand new white again, “The truth is particularly, at. in those days i happened to be like-looking up a great amount of aspects of monsters. . Which animal, so it beast. and so i refer to them as misunderstood animals. Then concerning the light again, “So i was such lookin’ up-and literally one time i was searching up blogs in the aliens. What exactly is that bright light more than here? Is the fact a plane? . what’s you to definitely vibrant light? . thereby i am lookin at the it, it is far from movin'”

Katelyn: “And so i am such yo. therefore i’m running such. literally halfway across the grass.” “. eg immediately across the road and you can i am reputation there in the center of new yard. You to point you will come right there and you may abduct myself at any time.”

Katelyn: “and perfectly while i are. need a video, it went up and went out. I happened to be instance. they ran aside. And that i try such as for instance guy. no, i became browsing be YouTube popular! Exactly why you gotta do that in my experience?”

Tammy: “No, but also for actual, there is certainly some other facts also.” She tells an exposure to her very own, that is mainly unintelligible.

Katelyn do a beneficial safety regarding Courtney Parker – Stolen Purity. Together with says some body share with the woman you to she looks sixteen or 18 inside the real world. The bed room she is in the was actually meant for her sibling.